Glory Box (Portishead Cover) / noah (101A) + cloudchair

Jake Cloudchair
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This is a cover track of Portishead of the live by noah and Jake.
Enjoy the guitar and looper performance using Line 6 Variax and POD HD500 by Jake, the noah's voice that has shadow and transparency, and our soundscape.

You can free download the digital-maxi-single "live [gift]" including this song.

cloudchair works are able to download on bandcamp now.
Please pay more than the minimum price if you can.

Line 6 VariaxとPOD HD500を活用したJakeのギターのリアルタイム・ループ演奏と、noahの透明感と影を持つせつなさの漂う歌声、そして2人の醸し出す独特の音空間を味わってください。

この曲を含むカバー集"live [gift]"の音源を無料ダウンロード出来ます。


This movie from
"cloudchair presents - Guitar Sweet Symphony 2"
at High (Koenji, Tokyo) in Jan. 9th 2011

Vocal : noah (101A)
Guitar and Loops : Jake (cloudchair)

Song by Portishead
Written by G Barrow/B Gibbons/A Utley

Camera : Hirofumi Hamatsu (quiet acting) & YO

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