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    3 Idyllic Tuscan Towns for Summer

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    3 Idyllic Tuscan Towns for Summer - as part of the travel series by GeoBeats.

    There's no place better than Tuscany during summer. Here are 3 of its finest towns.

    Walking around the local streets, you will find Siena's architecture awe-inspiring.
    Piazza del Campo is one of the great Piazzas of Italy. It has a unique shell shape and is set amidst many historical buildings. Even the fountains here have a lot of character.
    Siena's Duomo was constructed all the way back in the 13th century. Considered to be an architectural gem, it’s a must see for anyone visiting Siena.
    Every summer, the town has its famous horse races with each contrada or neighborhood represented by these flags.

    Standing several miles away, the tall thin towers look like skyscrapers in a modern city.
    In fact, they are medieval structures in the historic San Gimignano.
    72 towers were mostly built during the 12th and 13th century; 14 of them remain standing.
    From the narrow, enclosed streets, you can experience the feel of a medieval walled city.
    The brick buildings of the city seem to absorb and radiate the bright, Italian sunlight.

    A jewel in Tuscany, Lucca is one of the best preserved medieval towns.
    St. Michele's Church is an iconic landmark. Its construction spanned from the eleventh century to the fourteenth, when the facade was completed.
    According to local lore, the archangel watches over Lucca and ensures its protection.