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    Supporting Community: Why It's Important to Drink Local



    Supporting Community: Why It's Important to Drink Local
    Commonwealth Club - SF Club Office, Blue Room
    The Commonwealth Club of California presents Distilled in SF: How to Drink Like a Locavore. San Francisco is surrounded by celebrity chefs and artisan eateries that take pride in their use of all that is local. Luckily for us, this home-grown sensibility overflows into the world of hooch. Bay Area craft distillers like Distillery No. 209 and St. George drive the handcrafted cocktail scene, creating community-conscious and delicious drinkable products that pay tribute to the locavore spirit. These hyper-local beverages compete with the top foreign and national brands on drink menus across the city. Our panel of malt masters will speak to the art of beverage creation, the modern craft movement, and San Francisco’s rich culinary traditions."