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    Music for De-Stress and Relaxation


    by MusicAndChants

    Buy this Audio CD at:1. Music Therapy provides positive changes in mood and emotional status.
    2. Music captivates and maintains attention - it stimulates parts of the brain.
    3. Music and the silence within it, provides non-verbal, immediate feedback.
    4. Music is where people of all levels can participate.
    5. Music is easily adapted to and can be reflective of a person's abilities.
    6. Music provides a meaningful, enjoyable context for repetition.
    7. Music provides a social context -- it sets up a safe, structured setting for verbal
    8. And non-verbal communication.
    9. Music provides an effective memory aid.
    Imbalance created by action and passion, outer and inner events result in stress. The cause is not far to seek. Man thinks, he lives in the universe without realizing that the universe lives in him. Stress thus created, leads to all illness.

    Music is the panacea and not merely a palliative for all the stress. It is the most non-violent form of therapy-no medicines, no surgery. It provides the support and sustenance of all plentitudes. It enables one to plunge into their heart and contemplate inwardly. Vibration created by music moves the whole the whole mechanism; the muscle, blood circulation and nervous system. No wonder, Tranquility is the result.