Incredible Sculptures Made Out of Butter

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Incredible Butter Sculptures - as part of the series on arts by GeoBeats.

When was the last time you considered using butter for something other food?

Probably never, but a remarkable artist Vipula Athukorale thinks about that a lot. And that results in exceptionally detailed butter sculptures.

Making one of these is very difficult and takes a lot of time.

For instance, this one depicts an intricate city square scene with attention to detail evident in windows, light poles and right down to the mice.

Each sculpture can take as much as 80-90 hours to complete. Vipula works day and night when he starts working on them. He has to be careful even while breathing as that can move the hand and disrupt work in progress.

He also has to make sure his hands are not hot and periodically washes them in ice water.

Once the masterpieces are complete, they can maintain their shape for a long time as they are built using pastry margarine instead of the regular butter.