PROMETHEUS REVIEW: Disappointment, Distilled 30 Years

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  • Add to for more! It’s no secret that Fox made Ridley Scott shoehorn an Alien storyline into his original idea for Prometheus. And it’s also no secret what happens in the entire movie has been shown to you if you watch the trailer. So what happens when you watch the movie as an Alien fan hoping for the Space Jockey movie you've waited 3 long decades for? You pay $20 for the IMAX 3D extended 2-hour version of the trailer and come away feeling kinda ripped off.

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The Proto-Xenomorph at the end is not a precursor to the Xenomorth in the Alien movie.

Check the room where they shine their torches at the murals there is clearly an image of an Alien, meaning that Xenomorphs existed before Prometheus, in fact the Jesus pose leads you to believe that the space jockeys revered Xenomorths in some way, maybe the Xenomorph as we know it is in fact a natural, biological species that the Space jockeys were tampering with to make a biological weapon, when actually as weapons of mass destruction go there is nothing wrong with the original Xenomorphs.

The planets are different LV-223 and LV-426, but like you, I think that makes the Space jockeys particularly bad pilots.
I thought the movie was visually stunning, but lacked character development and seems like it started life as a direct tie in, with the crashed ship and all, but then they decided "lets make it something else" and screwed with it!
By Corey Gammage 2 years ago