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    May 24th Visit Puppet Show


    by AntiCPSMom

    I encountered difficulties making and uploading this video to Picture Push due to hacking. Something which can be seen at the URL below:

    The previous video which I uploaded to this Daily Motion account on Printer hacking was hacked, and I had to upload it twice ( something which I have evidence of), so this hacking is always part of my online experience.

    Just as I wrote the comment above the upload was hacked for this Puppet show video and I had to recommence the upload. This proves that the hacker is seeing what I write, and since I was speaking about how my last upload was hacked, they shortly afterwards hacked this video upload as well.

    I am keeping my faith in G-D firm that HE will deliver me from the clandestine harassment of Ana and these multiple agencies.

    Ana and these agencies keep trying to take away our sons from us in their typical illegal sleazy fashion, go to the URL below to see: