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    The Puppet Theatre That I Made For My Sons


    by AntiCPSMom

    The url below provide will provide some info of this video which I had uploaded first to Picture Push.
    Even as I write this description I've experienced hacking.
    I like to invent things and to create in general, so I used items around the home which most people usually would discard to make this nice puppet theatre for my sons.
    At present the Ana-controlled agencies are threatening to illegally terminate our parental rights with their sham trials and bogus unprofessional "documentation".
    Go to:

    This is the first time in 35 days that I've been able to upload a video to my Daily Motion account!!!
    Sadly, after I printed the puppets for this theatre I have not been able to print anymore with my printer as something has happened to it which has impeded its normal functioning ( I'm not making any of this up).
    This is something which I have documented and will be showing proof of.