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    UFO Spirituality and Frequency Shift


    by rcoones

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    Letter from Eceti Webmaster Describes this Presentation:

    “There is much confusion about times, dates and coming events. The Mayan Calendar gives us the date 2012 as the end of time and a major shift into a new world. Many experts believe using the Gregorian Calendar and applying it to the Mayan Calendar is in error due to the Gregorian Calendar being 5 years off due to Mark Anthony not becoming Caesar for over four years and other calculations. They kept time according to the reign of the Caesars. That would put 2012 at 2007 which is right around the corner which just might account for what so many people are feeling. We are indeed in the throws of change on every level; the quickening is upon us and now is the time to prepare physically, mentally, emotionally and Spiritually. Preparation on every level is imperative for the days to come. Come and learn more about how the new frequencies affect humanity and the Earth, how to prepare for them and what you can do to help in this transition. There will be a gathering November 18th at the Self Mastery Earth Institute. The 23rd of November 2006 is the peak of one of the great energy shifts on the Earth. For more information go to”

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