Es geht nicht nur um unsere Haut (Holger Wegemann) Trailer


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This documentary by Holger Wegeman traces the story of the 2006 labor dispute at Bosch Siemens Home Appliances. The staff go on strike to fight against a factory closure in Berlin, Germany. In May 2005 Bosch Siemens Home Appliances Ltd. (BSH) announced that it was going to shut down their Berlin factory at the end of 2006. The location was allegedly too expensive and technically out-of-date. Of 1,050 employees of the Berlin location, only 450 were to remain employed. The other 600 employees, whose jobs were now threatened, were not willing to take the transfer to a cheaper location lying down. The film accompanies the employees every day during the strike and documents demonstrations, disputes at company meetings and the heated discussions among all the negotiating parties. It also focuses on the conflict between "official" union politics and the interests and concerns of the staff.

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