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    Cine Curry

    by Cine Curry

    Anand -Akkineni, son of a public prosecutor-Gummadi finds his exorbitant and Casanova-like lifestyle. Sharada -Krishna Kumari is a beautiful school teacher. Anand likes her, but she refuses his affection. She is compelled to get married to him by her parents. She initially dislikes, but subsequently falls in love with him. All appears to be fine, until his father finds out that Anand is leading a double life. Hema - Girija past girlfriend of Anand tries to blackmail him. She invites him to her house. While returning from her house, someone kills her. Anand was arrested on the benefit of doubt. Lawyer Ramanandam takes up the case and with the help of Sharada proves that Anjaneyulu-Padmanabham murdered Hema. Finally the Wife and Husbands unite happily.