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    Ekta Kapoor, who turned 37 today, admits that she doesn't like anyone to remind her she is 36 no more. Though she believes in numerology, she tries not to bother herself with number when it comes to her age. She said that she prefers to take one year at a time with all its ups and downs.

    "I had an awesome year with The Dirty Picture garnering all the success. Which means just one thing - I'll have to better myself this year too. Now that's a challenge I'm well prepared for," she says.

    Ekta Kapoor won't be celebrating her birthday today with a huge bash. At least, not tonight. Being a religious person, she's currently visiting Tirupati. Interestingly, her father Jeetendra is also away on a holiday and she'll be having a low-key celebration with her mother when she returns to Mumbai.

    However, there are reports that Ekta Kapoor has invited 40 people from the industry for a birthday bash on June 9. Now, it's anybody's guess as to who will make it to the coveted guest list.

    The producer confessed that the people she looks forward to spending time with on her birthday are her friends and family. "On every single birthday, we lose one year of our life, right?"

    One of the strongest forces to reckon with in Bollywood today, Ekta Kapoor is content with her professional life. However, she said that she can't say the same thing about her personal life. "I want to balance success in both my personal life as well as my professional. I'm looking forward to this year with a new attitude," she said.

    On whether she has a bucket list before she hits 40, she strongly denies having any. "I live for the day with the carpe diem spirit. I don't aim for long-term. I'd rather have short-term plans that are viable. This way, I work harder and accomplish stuff."
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