Episode 4 - Busking in Australia - Generous Melbourne (English Version)

June Caravel

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Busking in Australia - Episode 4 - Generous Melbourne (English version)

To busk (/bʌsk/) intr.v. busked, busk·ing, busks. To play music or perform entertainment in a public place, usually while soliciting money.

June Caravel is parachuted in Australia, a country she's never been to.

Rule n°1: She can only use the money she earns while busking to eat, sleep and tour Australia.
Rule n°2: She must be back in Sydney to catch her return plane 2 months later.

June Caravel goes to Melbourne after 2 weeks in Sydney. She is saved from sleeping in the streets by her friend Kane Sole. She gets photographed in the street by schoolboys and girls from Melbourne doing a scavenger hunt. But she also must face problems: like this boss of a restaurant who asks her to leave because he doesn't like the fact June is amplified. She also gets invited to dinner by a fan..

Filmed by Moéa Neuville.
Edited by June Caravel.
Produced by Paris upon Thames Ltd.

Copyright Paris upon Thames 2012.

'Primavera', 'I can't hold inside"
Available on the album The A Cappella Sessions by June Caravel (ITunes, CDBaby) http://junecaravel.free.fr/theacappellasessions.html

'Flyin' available from the album "And maybe a tree will rise out of me..." on http://junecaravel.free.fr/album.html

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