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    Peter Schiff vs Hilary Kramer At The MoneyShow Las Vegas - Bull Vs. Bear Debate - 6/8/2012


    by familyfilteron

    Recorded at The MoneyShow Las Vegas 2012

    Peter Schiff - Bear
    Hilary Kramer - Bull

    Panel—Always a lively discussion, from the bullish to the bearish, these experts can be counted on to offer investors a 360-degree view of current and future market cycles. While their friendly disagreement can be entertaining, these investment pros have years of expertise and track records to back up their very serious opinions on the best way to take advantage of changing market and economic cycles. Join them as they take you, through their market outlooks, while offering a wide-range of potential recommendations to expand investment profits--through bull and bear environments. It's a great way to add to your knowledge, and have fun at the same time!