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    NIN - Into The Void


    by Steveo

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    Into the Void" is a single by Nine Inch Nails for the song of the same name released in 2000. Into the Void is from the album The Fragile.

    "Into the Void" is a sister-track to "La Mer," also from The Fragile; both songs grew out of the same initial track and feature the same bass line and melody. "Into the Void" starts with a short gamelan-based intro. Lyrically, Trent laments over his failed attempts of self-preservation, as he is sucked into a void of depravity, illustrated by the chorus, "tried to save myself, but myself keeps slipping away."

    A music video was made for this song. It was directed by Walter Stern and Jeff Richter and released on 14 January 2000.