HIGNFY S23E06 - Dave Gorman & Ken Livingstone

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First Broadcast: 24th May 2002

The now famous episode, in which days earlier a New Of The World front page involving Angus and a call girl and coke shocked the nation! Well, amused anyway.


45 years ago??!
By Brendan O'Hare January
unfortunately lost quite a bit of respect for Merton after seeing this episode,vitriol is never funny and that's all Merton's there for,once he's not funny he's pretty pointless
By Brendan O'Hare January
Just created an account to say a massive thank you *spreads out arms to show the enormity of thanks* for all these episodes Mister Bob. You certainly deserve and live up to your username! You sir, are the bestest.
By JessJackalope 2 years ago
It seems to be like yesterday and it's more than 10 years.
By Pauline Lhermitte 3 years ago