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    Euro 2012 fight: Russia, Poland fans battle in Warsaw

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    Russia vs Poland in the Euro 2012's group stage resulted in a 1-1 draw on the field — and 138 arrests after fights broke out between Poland and Russia supporters.

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    Ten people were injured — seven Poles, two Russians and one German — in Tuesday's fighting between Polish and Russian football hooligans in Warsaw. UEFA set the stage for the violence by scheduling the match between the bitter rivals on Russia's National Day. Thousands of Russians marched to Poniatowski Bridge before kick-off to mark Russia Day, a clearly provocative gesture against the Poles whose country has been invaded repeatedly by Russia over the centuries and who lived under communist rule forced on them by the Russians during the Cold War.

    Polish hooligans also initiated attacks against Russia supporters before the match. Polish police used rubber bullets and water cannons to break up some of the fighting.

    Russian fans are also accused of hurling racist abuse at a black Czech player during the opener on Friday. Members of the Netherlands team complained racist chanting by Polish spectators at a training session in Krakow.

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