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    Modeling Putty (Green Stuff) Infomercial


    by miniwargaming


    Yes, we really do sell 200g of Green Stuff at our online store for only $29.95 CA (price in video is in USD).

    Also, please note that we are selling TWO TUBES (not one, but two) of green stuff for $29.95 CA. For those of you out there saying that it is a rip off because other companies sell it for $16.99 CA, they are only selling you ONE TUBE.

    One tube = $16.99 CA
    Two tubes = $29.95 CA (or $14.98 per tube)

    You can get it here:

    10 Times As Much Green Stuff As The Competition Offers

    Normally when you buy Green Stuff Modelling Putty you will spend about $12 for 20g. However, what you are buying here is 200g of Kneadatite Epoxy Modeling Putty (Green Stuff)!

    This much green stuff would normally cost you over $120, but through our exclusive online offer we will send you two 100g tubes for only $29.95 CA (while supplies last).

    Green stuff can be used to fill in the cracks from where you pieced your model together, or it can be used to sculpt knew details that your want your model to have, such as a pouch or weapon.

    To use the modelling putty just take a bit of the yellow strip and a bit of the blue strip, mix them together in your hand, and it will turn green. Then you can add it to your model or sculpt it into the desired shape and add it to your miniature!

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