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    Will the EU be the death of democracy?


    by WORLDwrite

    This timely, highly informative debate asks whether democracy and sovereignty can mean anything in the European Union. We learn of the use of the EU by national governments to evade responsibility, the need for a clash of ideas, why banks must be allowed to fail in order to shake things up, the dangers of technocracy replacing democracy and more. An exceptional line up of speakers take us beyond the usual Eurosceptic versus Europhile debate and challenge us to consider what sort of Europe we want, who we are and what democracy means. The speakers are Brian M. Carney, editor of The Wall Street Journal Europe’s editorial page; Brian Denny, convenor, No2EU:Yes to Democracy; Declan Ganley, founder and chairman, Libertas; Brendan O'Neill, editor, spiked; Linda Yueh, Economics Editor Bloomberg TV, Adjunct Professor of Economics at London Business School, Fellow at Oxford. Arranged by the Institute of Ideas, this event took place at Goodenough College as part of the Crisis in Europe debate series, organised by the European Network of Houses for Debate "Time to Talk", with the support of the Open Society Institute. WORLDbytes volunteers are delighted to be filming and editing this series.