Earthbound Music: Battle Edition

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Earthbound's probably my favorite game of all time with Chrono Trigger. Its soundtrack is amazing, so here's some of the battle music.
I had a 10 minutes limit so some of them are missing, the ones I thought weren't worth adding.
Also, I know the battle vs Giygas isn't there, that's because I'll make a video for that one alone.

The enemies shown were supposed to reflect the music, but I couldn't find all the art (credits to!) I wanted, so I did put some random monsters in there as well. Especially that last one, man I love that monster. So sexy.

Track list in order:
Otherworldly Foe (Battle 10)
Battle against a Mobile Opponent (Battle 03)
Battle against a Weak Opponent (Battle 06)
The New Age Retro Hippie (Battle 05)
Battle against a Weird Opponent (Battle 01)
Battle against a Machine Opponent (Battle 02)
Kraken of the Sea (Battle 09)
Sanctuary Battle (Battle 08)