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    Man Clings to Building to Save Dangling Toddler


    by NTDTelevision

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    Amateur video captured by bystanders and a surveillance camera shows a man risking his life to prop up a toddler dangling from a balcony in Guangzhou city of Guangdong province.

    23-year-old Zhou Chong held on to the side of the building with one hand. For more than ten minutes, he reached up his other hand to support a four-year old-girl who was stuck—66 feet above the ground.

    The rescue has earned Zhou widespread praise. The former construction worker has downplayed his heroic act. however.

    [Zhou Chong, Rescuer]:
    "At that time, she already had her head stuck in the railings and was already dangling there, so I thought that I could reach up hand and let her stand on it, as she would have more strength with her feet, so then she would not be in danger."

    Local media reported Zhou was heading to a job interview when the impromptu rescue happened.