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    [SD Zelda] Dungeon 2 - Frozen Cavern


    by SupraDarky

    Dungeon 2 - Frozen Cavern: An underground cavern, hidden under a thick layer of ice for centuries.

    "What if I had to make 8 dungeon themes for a game?"

    A side project to challenge myself and have fun. I will create 8 different and unique dungeon themes. This is mainly inspired by Zelda, hence the name of the project, but some of those themes probably wouldn't truly fit a Zelda dungeon. That's because I decided not to go for full 100% ambient themes. I'm mainly trying to make a good balance between:

    Some other points to consider: Zelda dungeon themes are usually quite short and minimalist. It's also tempting to add a climax and big progressions to the themes, but that's not how they work. Finally, just like with Zelda, the themes wouldn't continue when encountering monsters since it would switch to some tense battle music.