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    ISPARK : trouver et réserver rapidement une place de parking - QRcode - PPE 2012

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    ECE Paris Ecole d'Ingénieur

    The PPE ISPARK is a new solution for users of shopping center, public and private cars parks. It allows any user to be sure to find a place in a parking lot and quickly locate.

    Using a Smartphone or a touch pad, user locates and displays geographic information from a car park of his choice on GOOGLE MAP or from a list of dynamics car park.
    Information as the number of free park places booked and usual. It has the ability to reserve a VIP car park place (near entrance) in a time of arrival.
    Using a payment service, the reservation is made and a QR Code is issued (reservation code).
    ECE Paris Ecole d'Ingénieur
    Upon his arrival in the parking lot, he accedes to the VIP area by scanning the barcode on the intelligent terminal ISPARK in the parking entrance, by typing its booking code on the screen or by identifying the license plate (indicated upon registration of the user on the multiplatform).

    In the VIP area, LED lights above each parking space indicate for the user free spaces in green and occupied in red.
    This system guide to the nearest free space. This condition occurs in real time through an ultrasonic sensor positioned above each parking space.

    It detects the presence or absence of a vehicle. The number of vacancies is displayed in real time on the Smartphone or the touch pad user but also on supervisory software for managing the car park.