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    The Outcast of Camelot - Episode Six


    by kingfaris

    The Hour of the Wolf

    After the furious combat at the forest gate, Queen Guinevere and Isobel flee for their lives along a river bank, leaving Sir Dinadan, Sir Breunor, and William the Blacksmith to hold off Mordred's murderous guards. Alanna and Sybil slip past the melee and follow Guinevere down a trail. Guinevere and Isobel find the horses which the Knights of Saint Brigid left for them. Guinevere tells Isobel to split up and they agree to meet at Camden town after nightfall. Isobel rides upstream and Guinevere rides downstream. Alanna and Sybil follow the sound of hoof beats and narrowly miss Guinevere as she rides by. They are discouraged at the thought of ever catching her when they find Guinevere's crown on the trail. Alanna complains that now no one could catch Guinevere, Sybil calls on the only Creature who might be able to accomplish the deed: her Husband who has been turned into a Werewolf. The Werewolf appears and Sybil gives him mysterious commands in an unknown tongue. The Wolf gets Guinevere's scent from the crown and Sybil urges him to follow Guinevere's trail. Alanna looks on astonished as the Wolf bounds off into the forest. Guinevere rides off into the distance with the Wolf in hot pursuit.