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    On The Table 15 Dec 2011


    by miniwargaming

    We're back again for another look at what's new and cool in the world of tabletop gaming.

    It's nearly Xmas and maybe there's something here that might just fill the last space in your stocking!

    This week we've featured these cool new products... check them out and see what you think!

    The Army Painter Painting Guide
    Super Dungeon Explore Battle foam Trays
    CoolMiniorNot Confrontation Dragon
    Confrontation Video Game!
    Discworld Vimes with Dragon
    Forged In Battle Releases
    Infinity: Haqqislam Hawwa Sniper
    Kromlech: Orc Desert Raider
    Forge World
    Manorhouse Terrain Accessories
    Trollkin War wagon& Khador Battle Mechanik Officer
    Pulp City Shadowmask
    Rogue Miniatures
    Steel Crown Productions Exodus Wars: Royal Empire of Man
    Urban war Concept Art & Minis
    Warlord Acquire Immortal Miniatures
    Rorke's Drift battle-set!
    White Knight Dwarves & Goblins