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    Motion Tracking 360 : suivi de mouvements infra rouge et stéréoscopie - ONERA - PPE 2012

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    ECE Paris Ecole d'Ingénieur
    The goal of our project is to improve last year's system by maximizing the area of tracking of the UAV and by computing the orientation of the UAV i.e the pitch, the row and the yaw. The only two ways of enlarging the tracking area were to title the 2 Wiimotes or to increase the number of Wiimote and placing one on each of the corner of a room. We decided to title the pair of Wiimotes.

    To compute the orientation, which can be done with at least three sources, we needed to realize the identification of the sources and the management of the sources which are out of sight. This project will allow ONERA to follow a UAV with given commands thanks to its position and orientation in the environment.