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    cpp.codeblocks.1: Installing Code::Blocks - GNU/Linux (Node 17)

    Djere University

    by Djere University

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    In this video tutorial, we discuss how to install Code::Blocks on a Fedora 17 GNU/Linux system.

    You can see this video in its original context here:
    The LibreOffice Impress-generated HTML slideshow for this lecture is here:

    This video is the second in a series on installing Code::Blocks. I created the video as part of the Djere University ( tutorial series. The first video in the series, cpp.codeblocks.0, dealt with installing Code::Blocks on a Windows system.

    Learning Objectives:
    - Install and configure Code:Blocks and gcc on a Fedora Linux system.
    - Write, compile, and run a simple C++ vector program.