Anderson Silva vs Hayato Sakurai


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Shooto-To The Top 7

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he should fight light heavy.noone is challenging this man at his weight.
ユーザー名 chipdonker 6 年前
c qoi svieu break bleuf il lui torche le nez c dsé put1 d'escro just parsque c un nippon ,sa sré un croate il loré laissé creuvé
ユーザー名 yarkies 6 年前
Haha Anderson is the man, you know ur good wen u can come out to an Aaliyah song for a fight,lol
ユーザー名 kevin i 6 年前
Nice take-downs against the Spiders excellent take-down defence.
ユーザー名 Not_my_nads 7 年前
tain, il s'est donné en ofrande là sakurai!lol!
ユーザー名 rojas sepulveda 7 年前