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    Classic Game Room - RED FACTION GUERRILLA Xbox 360 review


    by ClassicGameRoom

    Classic Game Room HD reviews RED FACTION GUERRILLA from THQ and Volition. This is the 3rd Red Faction game but is it the best? The series returns after nearly a decade and takes place decades after the first game. No longer straight forward first person shooter, this new Red Faction allows the player to run around a huge environment on Mars and destroy practically everything in sight for salvage to help them free mars from the EDF. This CGRHD review of Red Faction Guerilla (not Red Faction Gorilla or Red Faction Gurilla) has gameplay from Red Faction on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 (this is the Xbox 360 version, not PS3 version of Red Faction). It has a large storyline and many, many missions and guerilla actions to play out. Destroy things with a variety of cool weapons that can be upgraded along the way. Drive vehicles and wipe the Martian floor with EDF soldiers after smashing them with a huge sledgehammer. While CGR still prefers the original masterpiece, this new Red Faction is a lot of fun thanks to solid programming and GEO MOD 2.0. Yes, Geo Mod has stolen the show and is the engine of destructive mayhem within Red Faction Guerilla. Blast buildings, explode trucks and bring down structures with explody goodness and flying shards of metal. Red Faction delivers Geo Mod 2 and makes CGR want Geo Mod 3 soon! The 360 version has achievement points for Red Faction Guerilla and the PS3 version has Playstation trophies. Coming soon to PC, no word on the Vectrex version yet though.