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    Bashir says army to continue campaign

    Al Jazeera English

    by Al Jazeera English

    Omar Al Bashir, Sudan's president, has ordered the army to continue military action in the border state of South Kordofan.

    "...We recommend our armed forces to continue their military operations in south Khordofan until a cleansing of the region is done, like they did in Abyei," he told the army.

    Fighting between government forces and armed groups allied to southern Sudan has raised tensions, as the south prepares to declare independence on July 9.

    Suliman Baldo is the Africa director at the International Centre for Transitional Justice (ICTJ) based in New York. ICTJ is an international organisation that helps to address human rights abuses during a changeover from conflict or state repression.

    Baldo told Al Jazeera that he did not think there would be a war between the north and south Sudan, but that he expects there to be a "war by proxy".

    "[The] government of Khartoum... relies on militias that are ethnically recruited to attack armed groups that challenge the authority or the central government or who claim more share in power, more recognition of their culture and ethnic diversity within a broader Sudan."

    He said that Bashir is "trying to show a demonstration of force".

    "There are very tense negotiations that are taking place now such as the demarcation of the north and the new states of Sudan. Also the question of sharing, of revenue from oil and other natural resources along the border."

    Suliman Baldo spoke to Al Jazeera, from New York.