Vrindavan Land Of Krishna


by UrbanHermit

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- Вриндаван - Святая земля Шримати Радхарани и Шри Кришны

* Джай Шри Радхе, Джай Шри Кришна! * Джай Шри Вриндаван Дхам!

.. Харе Кришна! Радхе! Радхе!

.. Дорогие друзья, для вас видео альбомы - на видео канале Браджа Гопал:

* http://www.youtube.com/user/VrajaGopala *

- Vrindavan - Holy Land of Śrimati Radharani and Śri Krishna

.. Hare Krishna! Radhe! Radhe!

.. Dear friends, for you video albums, on video channel Braja Gopal:

.. हरे कृष्ण! राधे, राधे!
.. प्रिय दोस्तों! - आप के लिए, वीडियो चैनल -
.. वृंदावन - पवित्र भूमि श्रीमती राधारानी और श्री कृष्ण ..

- С уважением - Валерий из России..
- Yours faithfully - Valery - from Russia..
By Braja Gopal 2 years ago
Marvellous. Each of your video, urbanhermit, that you have posted are absolutely breathtaking. We have no words to thank all of u ...HARE KRISHNA
By dharma108 8 years ago
These Hare Krishna videos very very much interesting. It will be very mercy upon me if you send me these videos at sandipsutar1@gmail.com or give me a download option.

Thank You Very much
Hare Krishna !
By sandy_sutar1 8 years ago