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    125 Supermoto – Power, Performance and Reliability In ...


    by Dmitry

    This past decade we saw some of the changes and technological advancement in motor bikes. Significantly, the rising demand for 125 Supermoto has been seen in different parts of the world. In UK alone, we can see a shift from four-stroke motor bike to a 125 2-stroke Supermoto and this is due to performance as well as reliability. Japanese manufacturer still imports two-stroke motocross bike to U.K. and some parts in the U.S.A., but the most sought after motor bike as of today are the 125 Supermoto bikes which is lighter and has an aluminium frame and updated suspension.

    Currently, the lighter motor bike is more nimble, quick and easier to ride. Also when it comes to power and handling -- it's pretty much at par with most higher version motor bikes on the market. It's excellent for almost any amateur, and can also be use for any purpose -- that includes daily transportation needs. However, most 125 Supermoto can be modified for it to be more competitive. You can re-valve its suspension according to your weight and riding style. Also, you can move the power-brand around using a new aftermarket pipe that is if you don't like the stock curve. It's also possible to port the engine to gain more power and better overall performance. All this modification is quite cheap, and can be done by any reliable bike mechanic in your neighborhood.