Nicolas Debin - VTT At Home With Remy Absalon

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Here's my new project "At Home", shot in France with Rémy ABSALON, Gwen FOUCHE and Jérémy ARNOULD. Hope you like it, share & comment !

*English Subtitles*

"This where I grew up, this is here where I've learned everything, where my roots are.

At the very beginning I had to learn all techniques, I Had to work all of them and everything is a art of me and is connected. The spririt of mountain Biking, my motivation. As a professional or in a more casual way the pleasure of rinding is always here, winning is a plus, you reach and go beyond your limits to record the best time you can and the technique, the skills are not an option at this level.

That's all I love, searching for strong emotions, to excel yourself, to rediscover yourself and connect with nature here and elsewhere."

Synopsis : Rémy ABSALON tell us about his passion for riding.


Director/Editor : Nicolas DEBIN

Image : Pierre CHANTRY, Julien HOCQUET, Nicolas DEBIN

Co-Production : Mediacut -

Cablecam : Nicolas RENAUD, Cédric ROBIN

Production Manager : Nicolas DELAMOTTE

Riders : Rémy ABSALON, Gwen FOUCHE, Jérémy ARNOULD

Many thanks to all the team and riders !

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© Nicolas Debin

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