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    12 Volt Heater – Your Source of Warmth Inside Your Car


    by Dmitry

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    Winter is one of the most difficult times for any traveller, especially if you’re a trucker or someone who travels long distances on the road. You will be dealing with ice, snow and other obstacles on the roads, but staying warm while on the road is not an issue if you own a portable 12 volt heater in your vehicle. This is also a great gadget that help in your heating up your vehicle’s interior as well as defrost the windows of your vehicle.
    Actually, there are many models from different manufacturers; some of the big names that are known in the 12 volt heater industry are RoadPro, Koolatron, Tracker, Power Hunt and Maradyne. For each manufacturer has a different type 12 volt heater and with different features. Koolatraon’s Auto Heater features an auto-safety limit switch for safety purpose along with a 6 foot power cord. It is easy to use and it can also be adjusted to produce the maximum warmth according to your preference.