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    Learn English conversation with Carol! Lesson 5-- Basketball

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    Lesson 5 conversation:
    Paul: The score is tied 87 to 87, they are going into overtime!
    Jess: Is he going to steal the ball?
    Paul: Oh, that's a slam dunk!
    Jess: Jeremy killed the game! It's Linsane!!
    Paul: Jeremy saved the day!

    你有現場看過NBA球賽嗎? 來看看這場比賽中,林書豪如何在場上殺出一條血路,成為當天的英雄吧!

    想要學基礎英文卻又不知道如何下手嗎? 跟著Carol一起,從簡單的英文會話和單字,加上有趣的動畫內容,一起打好英文基礎!

    Learn English conversation with your favorite English teacher Carol! Have you ever been to an NBA game? In Lesson 5 we'll take you courtside and watch how "Linsanity" unfolds! Get ready for some action!!

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    Twitter @nmatv:!/nmatv