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    18 inch bike – The Bike For Your Kids


    by Dmitry

    If you’re buying a bike for your kid’s birthday or during the holidays, you may be tempted to keep your bike a secret. However, if you are planning to do this then you must know what your kid’s opinion regarding the bike that he/she wants. You know the likes of your kids, and you may at least have some ideas to what he or she likes in terms of colours and other features. There are a lot of bike in the market, it’s essential that you choose the best one for your kid. So far the most preferred bike is the 18 inch bike. They come in different colours depending if you’re buying a bike for a girl or a boy.
    Boy’s bike generally doesn’t include a basket on the front, and it may come along with a bar in different places. Some girl’s bike are designed differently, their colours are in pink and come with streamers on the handles, a basket in front and some features especially geared for girls. Overall, there’s no real difference between a boy and a girl’s 18 inch bike. Any boy can ride a bike build for a girl and vice versa.