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    Is TV Lowering Our Children’s Self-Esteem?

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    Is TV Lowering Our Children’s Self-Esteem? - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    Is TV really lowering our children’s self-esteem?

    A public debate on connection between watching tv and kids well being has existed for many years. Now research is showing that watching tv may be leading to a child's lowered self esteem, except if your child is a white male.

    Researchers analyzed feedback from approximately 400 pre-adolescent black and white students related to TV watching and general confidence levels.

    What they found was girls of both races and African-American boys were likely to have lower levels of self-esteem and white boys confidence was enhanced by their time watching television.

    According to the researchers, the pre-adolescent programming depicts the achievements of women to be based upon their looks or sexuality and that black males are often portrayed as criminals. On the other hand, white males are shown as educated and in positions of power which helps to raise their image of self-worth.

    With the average child watching between 22 and 24 hours of TV each week, it is important that parents are attentive to the type of shows their children are watching.

    How much TV do you let your children watch?