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    How To Talk To Your Lover

    Ari Gold

    by Ari Gold

    Be current with the times. Or stick to how it was done in the 90s. Fool proof figures of speech to tell your lover how much you care.

    A 4 second movie every week until the apocalypse.

    Movies longer than 4secs:

    Rules: (1) Movie must be four seconds, plus a one-second title. (2) The official 4 second videos shall be on the 4SECS playlist of AriGoldFilms's Youtube channel; imitators will be hunted down by wild pigeons.

    NOTE: Youtube sometimes marks these videos as 6 seconds. This is an error on the part of the illuminati trying to stop the truth. The videos are exactly four seconds, plus one second for the title. Time it if you don't believe me, chief.

    4secs music by except where noted.

    I made an 87-minute movie too. It's awesome: