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    Drug Dealers Mistakenly Send Text Ads to Cops, Get Arrested

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    Drug Dealers Send Text Ads to Cops, Get Arrested - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    Holy text message fail, batman!

    Have you ever sent a message to the wrong number? Well, a California man made the wrong call when he sent a Santa Maria Police officer several text messages trying to sell him methamphetamine.

    Upon receiving the offer and playing along as a customer, the officer then arranged a location and time to meet with the mysterious drug dealer.

    The Santa Barbara Sheriff’s office was then notified and went to the location to meet with Reymundo Carlos Escobedo to do the exchange. Not only did they get Escobedo with possession of two grams of methamphetamine, but they were also able to arrest his assumed supplier, John Martin Silvera, who had around 7 grams of the narcotic on his person.

    Police were also able to confirm the text messages setting up the drug swap on Silvera’s phone.
    Both men were arrested and bail is set at $30,000 dollars.

    A third man, who was a passenger in the supplier’s car, was given a citation for being under the influence and also brought into police headquarters.