This Remote-Controlled Underwater Device Records HD Video and Photo

Geo Beats

by Geo Beats

This Remote-Controlled Underwater Device Records HD Video and Photo - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

If you have tried to take underwater photos or videos before, you know it can be quite cumbersome.

A new product however, promises to make that process much more accessible and enjoyable.

Called the HydroView, it is a remote-controlled underwater submersible that has the capabilities to record high definition videos and photos. So what that means is using your iPad, a smartphone, or a laptop you can control this amazing device under water and at the same time, see live video or send recorded images to your family and friends through social media.

The possibilities are simply endless. Weighing roughly 8 pounds, the battery runs for approximately 2 hours.

The underwater camera is for recreational and commercial uses alike. Simple tasks like checking anchors, hulls and propellers can be made easier. The Hydroview can also be used to assist in sea wall evaluation and water depth determination. Then there’s always the fun hobby of examining and capturing sea life beneath the surface! While it does cost about $4000, most will agree it’s a unique, underwater techno gadget.