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    Bath Salt to Blame for Cannibalistic Florida Attack?

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    Bath Salt to Blame for Cannibalistic Florida Attack? - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    What would cause the violent cannibalistic attack in Miami recently?

    Some experts believe that Rudy Eugene may have been high on ‘bath salts’, when he allegedly gnawed off a homeless man’s face.

    Bath salts, also known as White Rush , Ivory Wave and Hurricane Charlie are a powerful hallucinogenic drug that has been linked to several extreme and brutal crimes and deaths of late.

    In 2010, a 21 year old Louisiana man high on bath salts slit his own throat and later shot himself in his parent’s home. Many communities have seen a rise in the use of bath salts and are having a tough time cracking down on the manufacturers of the synthetic drugs.

    The drug is extremely addictive and is compared to being a substitute for cocaine. Causing a rapid heartbeat, agitation and hallucinations, the DEA has banned the 3 active ingredients found in the substance and has classified it as schedule 1 drug.

    Emergency room doctors have described the effects this drug has on a patient’s body as ‘essentially going into overdrive – their temperature and heart rate go through the roof, their blood can become acidic and their body cooks."