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    Russ Feingold: Why I Support the Wisconsin Recall



    Russ Feingold: Why I Support the Wisconsin Recall
    Commonwealth Club - SF Club Office
    The Commonwealth Club of California presents former U.S. Senator Russell Feingold (D-WI). Feingold discusses his political career and current events in the news. Widely known for his efforts to spur campaign finance reform during his 18 years as a U.S. senator, Democratic Feingold was the only senator to oppose the Patriot Act of 2001 and the first to propose a concrete timetable for the dissolution of American troops in Iraq. He is also a major opponent of financial deregulation and controversial trade agreements, cosponsor of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act, and founder of Progressives United, an organization formed to combat the results of the Supreme Court’s contentious ruling on Citizens United v. FEC. In Feingold’s forthcoming book, While America Sleeps, the former senator offers his account of what he sees as America’s recent mistakes and advances a realignment of objectives designed to build a successful global future."