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    HUINCA - "Rapa Nui" - Digmetalworld


    by BlankTV

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    Director: Carlos Toro (Abysmo)

    band: HUINCA
    song" Rapa Nui
    album: Sic Semper Tyrannis
    year: 2012
    country: Chile
    Label: Digmetalworld Records
    Directed by CarlosToro (Abysmo)
    Youtube HD:

    Chilean HUINCA have release the music video for the song "Rapa Nui" that comes off their newest album "Sic Semper Tyrannis" that will be released June/July of this year as digipack audio CD/digital download by Digmetalworld Records and distributed by MVD Entertainment Group on U.S./Canada.

    The album was recorded in Chile and Germany during the European Tour in 2009 by Cristian Mardones and Howard Huambachano respectively. The band describe their music as "Metal with Tribal influences". The video was directed by Carlos Toro at Abysmo Producciones.

    The art cover design was done by the artist Claudio Bergamin. Tour dates will be announced soon.

    Tracklist of "Sic Semper Tyrannis" is the following:

    1. Revuelta
    2. Orias
    3. Trepador
    4. Santa Pedofilia
    5. Huinca
    6. Genocide
    7. Cae
    8. Rapa Nui
    9. Guerrero
    10. Tirano
    11. Who is next

    Huinca is:
    Mauricio Contreras
    Flavio Salas
    Gonzalo Arias
    Cristian Mardones (live sound engineer)

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