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First Artificially Incubated Crested Ibis Born in Shanghai Zoo

6 years ago219 views

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A crested ibis was born in a Shangai zoo Friday. Its the first artificially incubated and hatched ibis at the Shanghai zoo. Let's take a look.

A zoo in eastern Shanghai successfully hatched its first artificially incubated crested ibis on Friday.

At around 5am Friday morning, staff at Shanghai Wild Animal Park noticed pecking from inside one of their incubated eggs. A few hours later, a baby ibis poked a hole through the shell.

But there was a problem.

[Yu Jinhua, Head, Shanghai Wild Animal Park]:
"The baby ibis's situation is similar to a human baby who is in an abnormal position in the womb. He is stuck because of his abnormal position."

Park breeders decided to intervene.

They used a regular cotton swab and their bear hands to help the ibis break through the shell.

Five hours later, the 37-gram newborn ibis was fully hatched and in good condition.

Just barely born, Yu is already thinking about how to breed the ibis.

[Yu Jinhua, Head, Shanghai Wild Animal Park]:
"The new problem is how to breed the baby crested ibis. It would definitely help our research if we could accomplish this task."

Five more baby ibis at the park are expected to hatch soon.