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    Iron sand melting 2


    by RODALCO2012

    Melting some more iron sand.
    The temperature of the liquid iron must be below 1083° Celcius because the copper electrodes did not melt.
    I used dishwasher soap again to trigger the process.
    It looks a bit like lava with it's elasticity.
    Adding salt didn't create any special effects or colour of the flames.
    Watch the ammeter pointer jump, when the electrodes are moved. The base load is around 20 Ampères at 240 Volts.

    Note of caution !!

    This experiment is done with 240 Volts mains , so utmost care has to be taken when trying it out during experimenting with this exercise.

    I'm in the process of sourcing carbon rods so more tests will follow, with an arc furnace set up.