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    Filament under water


    by RODALCO2012

    Filament Test nr 2.

    Same 0.1 ohm 17 turn filament subjected to 12 Volts first, but under water.
    from U=IxR a current of 120 Amps flows. Power dissipated is I²R then 1440 Watts is dissipated
    It is interesting to see how the water expands and overflows out of the jar.

    When 24 Volts is applied , basically the power dissipation is quadrupled and the water starts gassing, and boiling vigorously within a short time.
    In this case the current is 240 Amps and 5760 Watts is dissipated.
    The voltage of the accu's was observed and did remain at 12.2 or 24.3 Volts during this test.

    Eventually the water level drops and the lead in wires are exposed to the air and will burn out to open circuit.

    This same principle happens when an electric jug boils dry, and the element can not dissipate the heat anymore in the water. It goes red hot and eventually open circuit or sustains the heat , melts the jug completely and causes a fire.