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    Merlin garage door opener with blue LED lamp


    by RODALCO2012

    The 25Watt interior pilot lamp had failed, and as you know those jobs often get left to:'' I do it later, or haven't got the right size lamp''.
    My lamp failed about ½ year ago and I decided to sort it out for once and for all, hence the LED option was chosen.
    Instead of white led's I opted for the blue led's as it looks very cool and gives plenty of light in the garage to find my way around.
    The resistors are set up 3 sets in series of (6k8 1 Watts in parrallel).
    Totals a 10k2 ohms 6 Watt resistor.
    From U=I*R therefore 240 / 10200 = 23.5 mA.
    Power rating I²R yields 5.6 Watts.
    As the lamp is only on for 10 minutes max. there is no overheating issue here.