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    Frozen capacitors on ice and then thawed out


    by RODALCO2012

    data to follow:

    16 Capacitors 470 and 1000 µf were frozen in an ice block to see what would happen under excessive voltage.
    First 70 Volts 50Hz was applied, ice did crack but not shatter. Circuit went open.

    Defrost Caps and try again in air which yielded in smoke.
    I decided to finish the Caps of with a bit more voltage.
    Then 170 Volts was applied which gave some sparks and crackles.
    I missed one good bang when I forgot to turn the camera on.

    A word of CAUTION !!

    These experiments are dangerous and should not be copied by inexperienced people.
    A safety shield and goggles are a minimum requirement as well as outside location as the fumes are not good for ones health.