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    100 Hz - 25 LED lamp - project nr 5 - with English subtitles


    by RODALCO2012

    Data and subtitles to follow in the next 24 hours.

    A word of caution here:
    This is a mains powered project.
    All exposed live wires should be properly enclosed and sleeved where practicable within the lamp enclosure so that you can't touch them when inserting the lamp in a socket.

    Material needed for 240 Volts version:
    5 resistors for 14 mA lamp
    6 resistors for 11 mA lamp ( as seen in video project 4 )
    2200 Ohms 1 Watt
    4 diodes 1N4007
    25 LED's
    Bear in mind that the voltage drop across,
    Red led's is about 1.7 Volts,
    Orange led's about 2 Volts,
    Green / Yellow 2.2 Volts
    and Blue / White leds about 3 to 3.3 Volts.
    And old CFL base.

    Perfect recycling project here.

    Measure the lamp current before putting it in permanent service and keep current below 20 mA.

    Above case draws 14 mA at 11000 ohms.
    From P=I²R (14mA²x11000) = 2.156 Watts which is well within the 5 Watts rating of the R's and heating will be minimal.