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    Wing Commander IV game trailer


    by fmvgamer

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    The Price of Freedom is eternal vigilance.
    Combining a multi-mullion dollar Hollywood film with a stat-of-the-art space combat simulation, Wing Commander IV set the benchmark in PC gaming.
    It is sometime after the Terran Confederation's final victory over the dreaded Kilrathi.
    Peace, however does not last long, and an attack on the Confederation convoy by mysterious pirates known only as "The Black Lance" requires you to don your flightsuit and once more take up the battle to save humanity.

    Interact with an all-star cast that includes Mark Hamill, Malcolm McDowell, John Rhys-Davies and Tim Wilson as "Maniac".
    The storyline features old friends and new comrades in a tale of intrique, betrayal and death.
    Real sets add to the authenticity of the experience, while improved video compression allows for the use of superior film techniques.
    Fly and fight in a wide variety of space craft, including the feared Black Lance Dragon-class fighter.
    New spaceflight communications, wingman selection and mission system make gameplay more absorbing and compelling.
    Featureing over 4 hours of 16 bit video footage with full stereo sound.